hoopdate, mid-November

I've been awol a bit.  A quick trip to my p's in Florida...and general malaise at the change of seasons.  Not sure what to do in this space this winter--I'm not going to do Dark Days this year--so I'm thinking about other ideas.  Or maybe I'll just take a break. 

But I do want to update on the hoop once in a while of course!

feeling pretty full in here, though herbs are taking up a lot of space

Despite having a prolonged fall this year (I biked to work 3 times this week!) we are finally having some cold nights in the low 20s.  And so far, even without an extra layer of row cover yet, the hoop plants are mostly un-phased.  I blew it on my lone cauliflower though--I waited one day too long and it was frost damaged and mushy.  I did find a bunch of worms underneath the head, hiding from the Bt, so that might have been the cause too. 

The leaves on our silver maple are finally down, so there is more sun reaching the hoop.  Spinach, kale, and lettuce are the most prominent, and the carrots we are pulling (left from summer) are wonderfully sweet. 

I still have a wide range of plantings going, from just sprouting to getting-overgrown. A lot of the later plantings will sit as tiny babies until longer days return.

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