Lost a hen last night.  :(

Red was definitely the bellwether of our little flock.  She was the first to find things, the first to sneak into the garden fence and lately, the first to figure out how to raid the compost pile.

Yesterday I couldn't find her when putting them in their pen, searched the yard but found her in the coop, before dark, perching--and not coming out for treats.  I knew that was odd, but figured I'd keep an eye on her:  this morning she was gone.  She hadn't laid in a few days, but the rest of the girls are molting so I figured she was starting too.  Hard to say--maybe she ate something, or was eggbound.  This is usually how I lose hens, suddenly, very little symptoms/warning.  I know it's not unusual, but with a flock of only five, it's a little more disconcerting.  I'll keep an eye on the rest, but I suspect it was an isolated incident.  She was only 2 1/2, and one of my better layers, so a bummer.  OH well.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Ms Red. It's always tough when you know all their personalities so well! Especially when they're the crafty ones you lose.

    (My bizarre experience when you have lots of birds is nobody.ever.dies. when you could really, uh, tolerate a loss or two.)

  2. So sorry to hear this. Ours are still young and I'm amazed that we haven't lost anyone- even as young chicks. I hope I just didn't jinx myself.

  3. El: Thanks. I suppose she was most likely to get into trouble. Funny we checked her over and no sign of any issues, no idea what happened. Watching the rest just in case (who are all molting of course, so they actually look kind of terrible...)

    Hi Judy!: We were amazed we've never lost baby chicks either--when you can only start with a few you figure the odds are against you, but they are pretty hardy little things. Loss is a part of having livestock, we all have to experience it eventually, I guess. (Hopefully not for a while for you guys)


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