Just about ready

A few tweaks left here and there, but we're just about ready for winter, hoop-wise at least.

D finished the last of the end panels this weekend, and also installed the hinged window with the univent!  With a few adjustments to the door and with securing the rolldown sides, we should be ready to button everything up in a few weeks for winter. 

squash curing, with very happy herbs

Inside, I have been looking for excuses to putter, so did some record-keeping.  Now I have a better map of what (and when) I planted, and made markers so I will have a better record of what does well. I looked back at last year's notes and pics, and I'm about on the same schedule for spinach and greens, hopefully that means things will do at least as well as last year in my low tunnels.  And as an added bonus, my roma is still ripening fruit better than any of the plants outside, so already it's having a positive affect on my harvests.

Its a tight fit, but we can squeeze in a couple of camp chairs and a crate/bench for holding morning coffee cups.  And sometimes a dog :) 

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