Doesn't feel like mid-summer here, but the thunderstorm that just passed was a classic summertime event.

So even though the main planting is done, more projects remain...  This week I've been back working on our original veggie garden. 

We rearranged the fence which now encompasses the entire back corner of the yard and mulched (no more mowing!) Having paths along the outside means now I can reach each side of my four-foot-wide beds.  Also--no more chickens and/or dog eating peas through the fence!  The gateway is recycled from our old fence line, and the gates need a little work still.

It's funny having two garden spaces.  I'm learning where I should be redundant (parsley!  Definitely need in the closer patch--now remedied).  But I am also looking forward to being able to rotate crops more easily. 

Note the one covered row here, the brassicas are bursting out of their hoop now, but looking good:

  Picking beets this week, and lots of kale, but ready to be eating some summertime crops soon.

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  1. I SO need to do the same thing with our raised beds. It looks great. I too am awaiting the summer crops. We've been eating broccoli and cauliflower, though.

  2. Thanks :) I wish we had broccoli, mine seems to be taking forever to form heads. Soon though!


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