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My husband and I have a friendly disagreement on whether February or March is the hardest.  I joke that February is the loooongest month, despite it's shorter calendar page.  To him, March is the time when the end of winter is so near, it drives you crazy taunting that spring isn't here yet. 

But for me, March is the month I get to start DOING things.  I have seeds started, some out on my patio hardening off already(!) and more to be planted today.  And when I look back at my garden journal and my photos from last year, I see so much coming in March to look forward to:
  • crocus blooming--last year March 12!
  • hanging out laundry
  • biking to work
  • open water on the lake (last year, March 26)
  • sandhill cranes returning (any day now, I just haven't heard any yet, mostly because I've been indoors recuperating this week) and ongoing spring bird madness
  • getting those gardener hands of mine dirty in some real soil. 
And in the meantime, we have some indoor blooms to hold us over for a few more weeks.

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