Goodbye Winter

Strange creatures dared leave the comfort of their covered coop/run (finally)

It's amazing how the balance can turn in just a day.  Yes we've noticed the days getting longer, and the sun feeling stronger, but there comes a moment when winter invariably loses its grip.  Not over, of course, but on the way out.  This year we saw it coming in the forecast, and squeezed in a few more winter activities this weekend before the Big Melt.  And I found I was a little sentimental, soaking up some last views of a frosty world.  Maybe not as much as when taking a deep breath on the last late summer day--but still.

In other news, seeds are being started, and my first sprouts are up (kale, arugula, tatsoi, lettuce).  In the low hoops spinach is already rebounding, I'll know more by this weekend what has survived once the snow abates a bit.

Speaking of sowing seeds, we're having a bit of a lesson in democracy around here:

I won't go into all the details, but I can say the issues are a bit more complicated than they are being presented on national news.  Will it bear fruit?  Hard to say.  But, I've never quite seen anything like it:  thousands of people, very polite, from all walks of life, trying to have their voices heard. 

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