Dark Days week 7

In early winter I picked up a stewing hen from (I think) Keene Organics at our neighborhood farmer's market.  It was tiny but a bargain.  It lounged in the chest freezer and made it on the list of "things to use soon" on my post-holidays perusal of the contents.  I consulted my 1960's cookbook and the Joy of Cooking for tips, and ended up giving it a long, gentle stew with some carrots, onions, garlic and celery for several hours. I deboned the meat and strained the stock, and put it all back in the pot with a fresh batch of chopped veggies and simmered until they were tender.  When ready I cooked some fresh egg noodles in the mix, and added some frozen homegrown broccoli at the very end, as it seemed like it needed a little color.

Served with homemade wheat sandwich bread and apple sauce. 

I  should add that this the first time I cooked a first stewing hen, and I was impressed by the flavor, even though there wasn't a ton of meat.   And for being so small, she went a long way--I also made a separate stock from the bonier pieces (wings and back, plus neck and liver etc) and that went into two more dishes: chilaquiles, and potato squash soup.

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  1. This looks delicious. Stewing hens are indeed small, but so flavorful!

    I love that you have Fiestaware. I do too, and I just love it. Colorful and boy-proof.

  2. Hee we just got it for Christmas, I was wondering how obvious that was! ;)

    We are really liking it too, glad to hear it's sturdy. I had these plain stoneware plates inherited from my P's when I started college, and though indestructible I was finally getting tired of them after so many years.

  3. Yay for Dark Days and Fiestaware!

    This meal looks great. The weather has been so cold lately, I've been hungry for a good chicken soup.

  4. s, I think you hit upon another of those "peasant's secrets," that sometimes the most unpromising ingredients produce the most marvelous meals--gentle heat and time are usually the keys elements (think shanks, pork belly, short ribs, etc.). That's a delicious looking spread; I think I'm going to have to put a chicken in the pot this week...!

    Cheers~ Brett


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