Dark Days Week 3

It's been a week.  Nothing major, just a bunch of unexpected mishaps. 

Good thing last weekend was prime for some come cooking.  We were somewhat snowed-in, though we just got the edge of the midwest blizzard that buried places like Minneapolis.  But we stayed home and made a few things that lasted through the week, or that we could just pull out on a night when we didn't have much energy for cooking.

These were pretty good:  I pulled a pack of frozen thanksgiving turkey, and threw it in the food processor after blitzing some garlic and a little red onion.  I added some parsley, and rosemary snipped from a potted plant brought in for the winter, and then some grated parmesan and provonella from my usual sources.  To make it a little moister, I just added milk, some recipes call for an egg (which we're a little short of this time of year) or ricotta cheese.  Either would be fine, but this worked well too.  Pasta was made from backyard eggs, but I did use white AP flour...(not especially SOLE).

We served these with homegrown tomato sauce (from the freezer), a little more parm on top, and more of the whole wheat Miche, which is quickly becoming a household staple.  A simple weeknight meal. And, we have more in the freezer!

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