I love when a good meal kind of evolves.  This week I rediscovered the apple chutney in the fridge, and thought maybe I'd make some pasties to use it up--as well as some aging market onions and potatoes.  Upon mentioning this, my savvy husband recommended using the daikon radish in the fridge in place of turnip--oh and the horseradish harvested this week too!  Smart man.

 So since we were veering off the traditional pasty already, I mostly winged it.

Shell:  I used my favorite basic pie crust.

Pasty filling:

8-ish ounces beef (I thawed a small steak, which turned out to be bone-in, so maybe less)
1 daikon radish and one carrot, from the winter garden
2 cloves garlic
3-4 small red potatoes
1 medium yellow onion
1/4 teaspoon dry mustard
salt/pepper/dried thyme

Everything was chopped fairly small and mixed together raw. I brushed with an egg wash and baked at 375 degrees for 45 minutes or so.

We served with some kale*, and a quick horseradish sauce (grated root, vinegar, and mayo--though we decided after that yogurt would probably  have been just as good).

* Don't laugh, but I'm still fairly new to this whole cooked greens thing--neither of us grew up eating much besides spinach.  So part of our winter gardening this year (as a runner up to the big hoop next spring) is not only finding out what grows well here, but also what' we'll EAT.   So kale is new to us, and we're really liking it!  This was a quick dish with garlic, and a little tahini and lemon juice.  Oh MY.  We may yet become greens people.

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  1. Sounds great, and the kale comment has given me an idea....

  2. LOVES me some pasties, it's love in a crust. Not fond of turnips in 'em though so I think you're doing just fine with your riffs.

    And greens. See, I was a veg for so long that of course I ate a lot of greens, but I hear you: gotta find the balance of what you'll actually eat AND what'll grow. For us, all the kales/mustards/collards work, but chard not so much (I adore it but the husband and child protest). It's too bad because chard is a fool for our greenhouses. My secret to greens getting eaten is LOTS of garlic, sometimes terribly long cooking, and either toasted breadcrumbs or...bacon! whee! So, the csa folks get most of our chard, sigh...

  3. I keep growing chard because it's SO EASY, but it's not my favorite. I love beets so you'd think... But if I can keep it small it's good in salads, and I don't mind it mixed in with spinach. And the chickens love it, ha!

    I think the alleged bitterness of the kale is what is making it appealing, it works well with spicy or creaminess.

    Next up though, Tatsoi!

  4. S! How funny how the blog world works: read Brett's dealio today. SO true what he writes about spinach and iceberg lettuce, really.


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