seasonal hangover

Tonight I actually whimpered while harvesting.  It's not that the plants are sad, overgrown, and in some cases, dying (which they are).  It's that despite all this, they are pumping out produce, and I'm almost as tired as the tomato vines.

waaaay too much for two people for dinner 
The freezer is about full, I have all the canned goods I really need, and we've been eating as much as we can stand.  

Not complaining, it's definitely a good problem to have.  I think it's just that the cooler weather and fading light have me wanting to bunker up and do winter projects, and on the last nice days I want to head out and soak up the sun before it disappears. Summer is overlapping with fall, and the solution, at least for tonight, is to enjoy it (and have a glass of wine).  Though I suppose I should go make some pasta to throw this mess onto.

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