the makings of one night's dinner, and yesterday's preserving

 It might not look like it on my counter, but tomatoes are waning here.  We've had so much rain, we're almost 10 inches above our normal for the season, and it's taking a toll.  My tomatoes have suffered various fungal issues all summer, really, and now I have a few plants downright failing. I don't think it's blight, as last year the entire plot went down in about 48 hours, and these are hanging in there.

So it's a matter of consulting the List, and seeing what we need to do.  I am prioritizing sauce, and would like to get one more batch of plain tomatoes and sauce canned, but I'm not sure I'll have enough quality fruit for that, we'll see.  Today besides freezing sauce I'm roasting a bunch with garlic, probably to freeze or make soup.  I'm also trying to remember to EAT them, which sounds funny, but its easy to forget about dinner when you're working on winter meals!

san marzanos (mostly), I have mixed feelings about this variety, but they do roast up nicely

And, I stopped at a local garden center yesterday to see if they had any leftover seeds, and found a new display of "fresh" stock from Botanical interests.  Look at these beauties, do you think they're on to us gardeners who are extending the seasons? 

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