since I'm on a roll....

One more quick update:  garlic!

We've had a ton of rain in June, then a week of drier, perfect weather, and now another week with lots of rain predicted.  So I knew I had to pull this garlic.  It was a little wet (which helped get the bulbs out) but I'm hopeful they will cure fine.  The bulbs are HUGE this year.  I have been selecting for bigger bulbs in the last couple of years, and hopefully that's paying off-- and its not just the large amounts of moisture.

I let them dry for a couple of hours on the picnic table and then strung them up and we hung them on our back porch to finish curing. Grand total--99 heads!  We have 3 or 4 tiny heads left from last year, but also harvested a solid two weeks earlier than last season, so I think it's just about right.  Can't wait to roast a few heads, and I think I'll make that roasted garlic jelly that El's raved about on fast grow the weeds....

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