a lack of restraint

I planted way too many cabbages.  (And lettuce, but that's another story...)  I squeezed 8 or 9 plants into this section of a 4 x 8 bed.  I did harvest the spinach in the middle today, so that's a little more room.

They're not even my favorite veggie to eat, but they are one of my favorites to grow.  I think they are beautiful in how they grow and form heads.


We'll probably harvest some early to make some space in there--I can use them now for stuffed leaves or some slaw. 

A lot is pretty in the yard right now.  Peonies (not my favorite flower, but very photogenic) are one of the only plants that were here when we moved in (these, a lilac, ancient honeysuckle, and the rhubarb!)

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