another quick dinner - dark days

I don't know if quick is the most accurate word when you bake bread on a weeknight, but it seemed fast. Last wednesday I made some lazy baguettes and had some homemade ravioli out of the freezer. Yeah, the poppy seeds are from wherever, but I had them in the freezer too...suppose I should save some of my own next year :)

The ravioli is stuffed with roasted beets, goat cheese, and I can't quite remember what all--probably garlic? We just found this recipe during the summer and will definitely repeat it next year with more extras to freeze--it makes for a quick meal and pasta is a great for using up a surplus of eggs in the spring, now that our "flock" has been rejuvenated with new birds.

I found a few more cups of the farmers market flour which went into the french bread. Funny how homemade bread--even a kind of crappy batch where you shorted the proofing times because, well, it's 5 already and we'd like to eat sometime--is way better than anything you can buy, especially right out of the oven. And, the rest of an ugly loaf is going into bread cubes for tomorrow's solstice dinner, which I promise will be more exciting.

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