Usually, when I have extra eggs and veggies, quiche is an excellent solution.  I may have a new favorite option, however:

I had some sliced dry bread in my freezer I knew would be handy for something, and it was.  Adapted from a recipe via Smitten kitchen (and Epicurious...) I layered the bread with a mixture of cheese and filling.  The filling was made from some overwintered red onions from the garden--I added some of the greens too--mixed with garlic (still hanging in there from fall's harvest).  Added to that were some grocery store mushrooms, plus the first of our spinach harvest of the year.  Oh, and a little local bacon!  Over the layers was poured a mixture of milk and eggs (I used six for this pan, and it worked out well).  Let it soak for a few hours or overnight, and then bake for 45 minutes or so. 

I'd seen this type of savory bread pudding on fast grow the weeds, and another favorite foodie blog, and I wish I had made it sooner!  I think it's better than quiche, very much like a comforting stuffing without the bother of a roasted bird!

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